BUCS 25 and Varsity Rider Profiles 2019

Now for the final BUCS TT of the year, but more importantly our Varsity match! Our Men’s side are hoping to defend their title, and make it a 9th successive victory, whilst our Women are hoping to break Oxf*rd and win their first in 5 years!

Big thanks as ever to Sean Irving for taking the photos for us, go check out his website at http://www.seanirvingphotography.co.uk/

The Women


Name: Flora Harpley Green

College : St Edmund’s

Year & Subject: MPhil History of Art & Architecture

Favourite other pastime: Procrastinating cycling training

Name: Olivia Jamrog

College: Lucy Cavendish

Year & Subject:

Tips for Oxf*rd: You guys might want to actually turn up for this one…

Name: Marilou Boddé

College: Queen’s

Year & Subject: PhD Genetics

Favorite other pastime: Swimming in extremely cold water and knitting birds

Name: Alice Bittleston

College: Peterhouse

Year & Subject:

Favourite place to ride: The Fens


The Men


Name: Jack Kellam

College: St Edmund’s

Year & Subject: 1st PhD Politics

Favourite other pastime: Socialism

Name: Andrew Salkeld

College: Fitzwilliam

Year & Subject: 1st year Engineering

Favourite place to ride: Dropped 300m behind the group

Name: Toby Cowell

College: St Catherine’s

Year & Subject: 3rd year Engineering

Favourite pro rider: Bialoblocki (somewhat debatable but man got round the Giro)

Name: Jonny Bodey

College: Magdalene

Year & Subject: 2nd year PhD Physics

Favourite gel flavour: “Will be impressed if anyone can think of a witty answer for this one”

Name: James Quigley

College: Fitzwilliam

Year & Subject: 1st Year Natural Sciences

Tips for Oxf*rd: Don’t take the wrong left that cuts out a corner, that’s a Cambridge only shortcut

Name: Hans Verschueren

College: King’s

Year & Subject: 3rd year PhD Engineering

Favourite Pro: Thomas de Gendt

Name: John Mulvey

College: St Edmund’s

Year & Subject: PhD Medicine

Favourite other pastime: Crucifying rats

 Name: Rob Walker

College: Pembroke

Year & Subject: 3rd Year Chemical Engineering

Favourite other pastime: Editing OUCC’s Wikipedia page

Name: Craig Rogers

College: Fitzwilliam

Year & Subject: 1st Year Bio natsci

Favourite place to ride: Flat, busy dual carriageways

Name: Rob Clucas

College: Fitzwilliam

Year & Subject: PhD Year 2

Favourite other pastime: selling vast quantities of quite expensive kit on Facebook

Name: Jali Packer

College: Kings

Year & Subject: 3rd Year PBS

Favourite other pastime: Telling people what PBS actually stands for

 Name: Dan O’Riordan

College: Robinson

Year & Subject: 2nd Year Engineering

Favourite Gel Flavour: Tikka Masala (see Jonny, someone managed it!)

Name: Ben Ferris (BAF)

College: Queens’

Year & Subject: 4th Year Engineering

Favourite pro rider: Bafley Wiggins

Favourite place to ride: to the bafé

Tips for Oxf*rd: Watch out for the rise of the Planet BAF

Favourite other pastime: “is baftime a pastime?”

Name: Toby Antippapapapas

College: St Edmund’s

Year & Subject: 1st Year Natsci

Favourite other pastime: Not signing on

Name: Euan Tebbutt

College: Jesus

Year & Subject: 2nd Year Maths

Favourite pro rider: Little cook

Name: Lucas He

College: Gonville & Caius

Year & Subject: 1st Year Natsci

Favourite place to ride: Suffolk

Name: Jack Brown

College: Gonville & Caius

Year & Subject: 2nd Year Engineering

Favourite pro rider: “There’s some guy called John Mulvey on a pretty big team this year?”

Name: Seb Dickson

College: Corpus

Year & Subject: Olde

Favourite other pastime: Stirring

Name: Isaac Brown

College: Pembroke

Year & Subject: 1st Year Engineering

Favourite other pastime: “Sleeping problems”

Name: James Lello

College: St Catherine’s


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