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Cambridge University Cycling Club - 2021

Leaderboard First Competition: Sat 20th March - Sun 28th March

Winning College: Jesus - 3125.4 km

Most Elevation Gain: Jesus - 25.4 km

Top Rider: Bekah Nash - Newnham - 710.3 km

Best College per Rider: Robinson - 418.6 km

Most 'Cafe Time': Jesus - 16.7hrs

Most 'Cafe Time' (per km): Girton - 38.3 seconds per km

Least 'Cafe Time' (per km): St Catz - 1.82 seconds per km

We are hoping to have more statistics available after the next competition, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoyed! Congratulations to everyone for getting some serious mileage under your belts.

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