Club Trophies

The Club has, or should have, 6 trophies, but some of these have gone awol for various amounts of time!

Men’s Road Varsity Trophy

A lovely shield dating from 1958. The largest of the trophies, it has been remounted two times.

Titled 'Oxford vs Cambridge Annual 25 TT'

Women’s Road Varsity Trophy

A large Cup entitled 'Oxford-Cambridge Women's Varsity Match'

Men’s 2nd Team Trophy

A mid sized Jug awarded to the winner of the 2nds Varsity match

Men’s Individual Varsity Trophy

Presented by the Milk Marketing Board in 1989, this is awarded to the Fastest individual man in the Varsity Match.
It is used by the Current President to store his Keys.

Men’s MTB Varsity Trophy

A small Shield, titled 'Varsity MTB Winners' dating from 2015

Mens MTB Varsity Trophy

Cuppers College Trophy

Awarded to the Best College in Cuppers.

Formerly the trophy for coming 3rd in the Espoirs Category of the Chrono des Nations, this has been skilfully repurposed by moving all the bits around, putting dirty sprockets in it and sticking a new name plate on.

Club Best All Rounder Trophy

Formerly the 'Mile Challenge Cup' from 1878, it was donated to the club to function as the trophy for the club Best All rounder- incorporating distances from 10 up to 12hour.
It has been missing for some time.

If you know where it is then please get in touch with the President!